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About Me! Who Am I?
Hi I’m Payal!

I am a Meditation & Yoga Teacher (RYT) as well as a Certified Human Potential Holistic Wellbeing Coach (CHPC). I believe we all have the potential to lead conscious lives from the inside out that empowers inner peace, health ,balance and vitality.I am also a Biomedical Engineer and have had a professional career in the digital health and wellness technology industry.

I teach professionals how to break through mental and emotional stress, anxiety through cultivating a inner peace, calm and sustaining a holistic lifestyle that helps them create balance in mind, body and spirit.Integrating global experience, dedication, mindset and knowledge from 15 years of Yoga & Meditation has brought wellbeing in lives of my clients across Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Dubai, India and Canada over the past decade.

My own mental and emotional stress both as a child at home as well as being an ambitious intellectual professional led me on the path to discovering the tools, techniques and ancient systems that have made me more calm, peaceful, healthy and resilient in the face of high stress situations and life transitions.

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